Okan Aybar


MS, Investment Management Pace University               New York / USA            June 2001
MBA, Strategic Management Leicester University         France-England           September 1997
BA, Banking and Finance Bilkent Üniversitesi               Ankara / Turkey             June 1996


Commodity Trading Advisor
Anatolia Capital Global Investments Advisors LLC    
       Istanbul, October 2003 – Current Date                                    
•     Consulted major brokerage houses, banks and technology firms for development of futures and FX whitelabel solutions
•     Established whitelabeled futures, FX, CFD brokerage business
•     Developed business and software to accept electronic orders for Turkdex contracts from overseas trading platforms
•     Produced daily commodities and FX newsletters for “” and for international commodities community
•     Registered with CFTC and became NFA member
•     Managed compliance issues with NFA
•     Trained institutions about futures, options, mortgage markets
•     Developed systematic futures trading programs
•     Advised companies with hedging strategies
•     Developed comprehensive web sites
•     Promoted Patsystems to Turkdex (VOB)
•     Advised and assisted investors for their trading decisions

Bilgi University and T.C Okan University 
      Istanbul, March 2005 – Current Date     
•     Lecturing risk management class for MBA students
•     Applying real market practices at classes
•     Advising students for integrating thesis studies
•     Lecturing “Economics” for undergraduate students

Futures and Options Specialist
Turkish Derivatives Exchange  (VOB)  
      İzmir, March 2003 – October 2003                    
•     Edited 375 pages book about futures and options
•     Developed educational and promotional CD Rom
•     Co-designed futures contracts
•     Trained exchange personnel
•     Represented the company in business events
•     Developed brochures for pubic education and awareness

Commodity Futures/Options Broker
Impact International Trading Group
      New York, December 1999 – March 2002   
•     Analyzed financial markets on global scale
•     Educated potential customers
•     Gave trading advice and hedging recommendations
•     Saved up to $45.000 for company’s promotion
•     Developed relations with individuals and institutions
•     Produced 100 pages information booklet about futures markets and basic trading and hedging strategies
•     Edited commodity futures market newsletters

Foreign Exchange Dealer
MAS FX    
      New York, October 1999 – December 1999                                                                                
•     Made market in foreign exchange options market
•     Provided market update for clients via phone
•     Developed relations with other financial institutions
•     Worked and executed client orders

Treasury Dealer / FX Group
Iktisat Bank  
       Istanbul -Turkey, September 1997 - January 1999                                                  
•     Quoted spot and forward prices for inter-bank transactions
•     Took speculative positions up to 1 million USD
•     Swapped currencies
•     Co-managed Central Bank relations
•     Promoted to authorized dealer
•     Managed daily cash flow and hedge position of 100 M USD


•     Fluent in French, Turkish; Knowledge of Italian
•     Advisor of European Business Development Center of Izmir
•     ‘’Derivative Markets’’ trainer of Strata Consulting and Education Company
•     Proficient in use of MS Applications , Reuters and Bloomberg
•     Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; Well organized; Detail oriented; Thorough researcher
•     Candidate for CFA Level 1
•     Series 3, National Futures Association, 2000
•     Communication Expert certificate, Accord Management Systems, 1998
•     Treasury Management certificate, Turkish Banks’ Association, 1998   
•     Total Quality Management certificate, Ecole Superieure de Commerce-Poitiers, 1997
•     Leadership certificate, Rotary International, 1993


•     Private Pilot in Command –  Member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
•     Co-managed “Turkish Earthquake Relief Project” (Selected as World’s Best Rotaract Project of 2000)
•     Cooperated with “Institutional Investor Newspapers” for organization of panel called “The New Face of Turkey”
•     Ex-Vice-President -  Rotaract International at the United Nations
•     Interests: Flying, Aircraft Operating, Sailing; Aikido, Playing Guitar, Chinese

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